No cinema trip would be complete without a snack to accompany your film of choice. That's why here at Nova, we pride ourselves on delivering a full package experience! We've curated a fantastic variety of food and drink options which can be enjoyed in our bars and foyers or in the cinema screens themselves. 

All of your favourite cinema snacks including popcorn, sweets, nachos, hot dogs, crisps, ice cream and of course, Tango Ice Blast, can be found at our kiosk!

Elevate your movie night experience with a touch of sophistication! At Nova Bar, you can enjoy a selection of premium alcoholic beverages to complement your favourite films.

Sit back, relax, and savour the perfect blend of entertainment and indulgence as you sip on a variety of refreshing beers, fine wines, or your preferred spirit.

It's the ultimate way to turn an ordinary movie night into an extraordinary cinematic journey. Cheers to a night of cinematic magic!